Our Company

From a university dorm room, the first vision for KUBE Technologies came about in 1998 when a bright and entrepreneurial group of students recognized that the internet was on the verge of a major boom. In 2001, KUBE was officially founded with a small close-knit team based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada with its roots in website development and design.

That’s how our story began, and we are still writing that story today. Fast-forward two decades and those very same founders have turned KUBE into an international company with six global offices, more than 54 core team members, a solid network of contractors, 10+ awards won, 25+ established long-term clients, and over 450+ successful projects under our belt…and we’re still going strong.

Today, KUBE is an industry leader known for its ability to build innovative solutions for its clients which span multiple industries, including:

  • Web development and design
  • Digital entertainment
  • Cybersecurity and privacy
  • Programmatic advertising
  • eCommerce
  • Digital marketing
  • Content creation
  • Virtual reality…
  • …And more

Our Vision:

Creating tomorrow’s technology today. We aim to remain an industry leader in the world of digital technology by solving complex problems and building innovative solutions, using a combination of our decades of experience and foresight for what comes next.

Our Mission:

To offer our clients the most innovative ideas, designs, and development for future technologies, and continuously grow our innovative capabilities by improving and expanding our digital technology team.

Our Values:

Our values shape the way our business grows and thrives. Like the six sides of a cube, KUBE Technologies embodies six values at the core of our identity, including:


We truly embody “growth through innovation.” Innovation is the key driver to all our past, current and future successes. Rapid innovation, specifically, is something we continuously strive for at KUBE, and is how we have managed to remain at the forefront in a highly dynamic and fast-paced industry.


Commitment to quality is what leads to technological excellence. Our focus with every project is how to deliver the best user experience for our clients including design, functionality, speed, customization, and more, that all enhance the quality of the digital solutions we build. Through hard work and actively listening to client feedback, we consistently ensure that we deliver the best products possible.


KUBE is a digital technology team – we would not exist without the amazing
and talented people that form the backbone of our company. This is why our team culture is at the heart of our core values. Without an awesome team, we simply would not be KUBE, and we could not deliver the awesome digital solutions that we do to our clients. We balance teamwork and teambuilding activities as much as possible at KUBE. After all, a team that plays together, stays together.


We value a work environment that is all-inclusive, with complete freedom of expression. Diversity makes our team stronger by embracing each of our unique backgrounds, qualities and experiences. The more diverse the team, the better!


Honesty, responsibility, and respect are key aspects of integrity in which we
excel at KUBE. “With integrity” is the only way we operate and is one of the keys to developing and maintaining the amazing client relationships we have built over the past two decades.


Transparency goes hand-in-hand with integrity and is not only important
to maintain healthy relationships with our clients, but also within our team structure. Transparency ensures no potential problem, solution, or idea goes unheard. We uphold this value through documentation, communication, and openness, for our team’s sake and for our clients’ sake.

KUBE Kulture:

Over the years, KUBE has built a strong, immersive team culture for every single person who joins our ranks. United by a shared vision, KUBE members work effectively together to ensure no one is left out, or left behind. We are unique compared to other companies thanks to our ability to reward and celebrate each individual within our organization, while also encouraging them to grow and develop beyond their first role with our company. Some of the ways we show our appreciation for all the hard work and dedication of our team include:

  • Team building events (movies, pizza, and beer anyone?)
  • Local membership opportunities (Costco, gyms, etc.)
  • Paid educational opportunities
  • Competitive benefits…
  • …And more